Procurement of 0820-1841SXZB0203 Xi'an Fifth Hospital Medical Equipment Purchase Project(1)

Project Name:Xi'an Fifth Hospital Medical Equipment Purchase Project
Bidding NO :0820-1841SXZB0203
Bidding Content:One HD electronic endoscope system, two sets of four-slot endoscope decontamination systems, and two sets of fully automatic endoscope washer-disinfectors
Bidding Agency:Shanxi Tendering Co., Ltd
Purchasers:The 5th Hospital Xi'an
Open-Time of Bids:2018-06-12 14:30
Ending Date of Evaluation Result:2018-06-19 23:59
Who proposed the successful bidder:
rankProposed Bid-winnerManufacturerManufacturer Country
1Shanxi Nepgalaxy Medical technology co., LTDHOYA CORPORATIONJapan